HP: Finance / Accounting Internships for 2021 / 2022

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Location: Johannesburg

Closing Date: 22/09/2021

We are looking for a finance assistant to support our financial department. The responsibilities of a finance assistant include processing payments, updating financial records, and managing invoices.

As a Finance Assistant Graduate, you will be an active member of the Africa organization being responsible for processing payments, updating financial records, and managing invoices.


  • Processing and preparing financial statements
  • Overseeing client accounts
  • Creating, sending, and following up on invoices
  • Collecting and reviewing data for reports
  • Assisting with audits on financial statements and reports
  • Reporting discrepancies
  • Preparing payments for employees
  • Suggesting improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and reducing costs.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in: Accounting or Finance area
  • Excellent mathematical skills and an understanding of data privacy standards


  • Knowledge of MS Excel and accounting software
  • Knowledge of bookkeeping
  • Good organizational skills
  • Strong analytical skills and eye for detail
  • Excellent time management skills.


How to Apply

Apply Online for the Finance Assistant Graduate Internship 2021 / 2022