Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Post My Event on Eventa

There are two methods you can use to post  your event on our website:

  1. Using the Add Form
    1. You can add details of your event using our add form and submit it to us.
  2. Submitting your Facebook Event URL
    1. If you already have an event posted on Facebook, you can save your time by sending us your FaceBook Event URL using the add url form

How can i purchase the tickets

Click on the buy tickets button under the selected event. Please note, Eventa does not sell tickets to these events.

How can i Contact the Promoters

Under each and every event there are contact information which you can use to contact the promoter of that event. Please do not use our contact us page to inquire about events because we wont respond to your emails.

The Add Event form is not working

In cases where you encounter some difficulties while posting your event, please email your event to us using the following address: info@eventa.co.za

Why are Some information inaccurate

Some information regarding events changes all the time.  Details like venues, tickets prices, dates and times may change as the event draws near, and if the information is not updated by the promoter, we don take any responsibility.

Why is my event on Eventa

Simply because someone posted it on our site by submitting the FaceBook URL or by adding it using the add form.